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Becky Gavin, Practice Manager and Director of Davenport House Clinic Physiotherapy and Podiatry Tameside

Frozen Shoulder

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What is frozen shoulder? Frozen shoulders often occur without a definitive cause. Frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis) is a three stage condition in which the shoulder becomes completely or partially unmovable. It is one of the most painful conditions that can affect the shoulder. While a frozen shoulder may present with symptoms similar to that of other conditions which affect the shoulder it has a particularly distinct set of symptoms which result in severe pain, loss of movement and eventually stiffness. What causes frozen shoulder? It is not fully understood why frozen shoulder occurs and it [...]

Tameside Big Toddle 2014

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The toddlers of Tameside have hit the headlines once again by taking part in the 2014 Tameside Big Toddle to raise vital funds for Barnado’s. The Big Toddle is the UK’s biggest fundraising event for the under 5’s and this was the third time the event has taken place in Tameside. The money raised for Barnado’s helps disadvantaged and vulnerable children under the age of five across the UK. Sponsor money is still coming in and we hope to exceed last year’s total. Barnado’s are very impressed with the fundraising that our toddlers have done and would like to visit the clinic [...]

Beware, Injured Runner

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Are you a runner? Partner of a runner, child or parent of a runner? Workmate of a runner? If you are any of these doubtless you have lived through the experience of being around a runner who is being prevented from running. Working with injured runners as a health professional can also bring its challenges, as the mindset of a runner can be quite different… To a non runner, the very idea of pounding pavements for hours on end in driving rain, winds, freezing temperatures and darkness sounds ridiculous. However, more and more people are taking to the roads, and [...]

Verruca, to treat or not to treat?

By | 2014-09-19T16:51:20+00:00 September 9th, 2014|Blog|

Its that time of year again when we see an increase in the number of verrucae coming through our clinic doors. Is it because of swimming pools on holiday, more sports over the summer, or the lack of socks in warmer weather? We aren’t sure, but we often see peoples anxiety over these pesky warts. Verrucae are warts, on the foot, and are caused by a virus. People have mixed reactions to them, but usually they are quite motivated to get rid of them, especially if they are causing them pain. Verrucae come in many shapes and sizes, and can [...]

How do Orthotics work?

By | 2014-09-19T16:51:21+00:00 September 3rd, 2014|Blog|

We know that orthotics work for pain related to disorders of the foot in 70 to 80 percent of cases. There has been numerous studies which always arrive at this percentage of successful interventions for orthotics, which in the world of evidence based medicine is a very good success rate, and high enough for podiatrists to prescribe devices with confidence that they have a good chance of reducing their patient’s pain. How do they work? There has been a number of theories and paradigms over the years, and the reality is that we are still not exactly sure how they [...]

Why do we get injured?

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In a word, change. Change is what causes injuries. As healthcare professionals we always try to ascertain the mechanism of injury, what movement caused the injury. This can be anything from a football tackle, to lifting a toddler or a sneeze (more common than you may think). These are sudden changes, when the forces acting on the tissues in the body have a sudden increase in their size or the forces are applied in a different direction. A sudden change has been introduced, and as such an injury has occurred. Of course, change doesn’t have to be sudden. The straw [...]

Receptionist Job (Stalybridge)

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Receptionist Job (Stalybridge) Can you deliver a smile to rival a GMTV presenter? Are you professional, flexible and love being at the centre of a team? A receptionist job vacancy has arisen in Stalybridge Davenport House Clinic are looking to add to our reception team. The role is very busy, being demanding and rewarding in equal measure. You will be the welcoming smile of an outstanding private healthcare clinic, and provide admin support to the team. We work weekends and evenings, and are a small family run business. We will develop your skills in customer care and IT. [...]

Happy 5th Birthday to us!

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Five years ago today we opened the door to Davenport House Clinic and welcomed our very first patient. Five years later we have treated over 5,000 patients from the local area and beyond. Since opening the clinic in 2008 we have gone from strength to strength and due to high demand for our services, have expanded the clinic onto the first floor of the building. We could not have done it without our wonderful patient's who have made the clinic what it is today. We truly hope that we can continue to offer you the highest level of care for [...]

Tameside Big Toddle 2013

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Toddlers from all over Tameside put their best foot forward to take part in the Tameside Big Toddle on Sunday 16th June to raise vital funds for Barnado’s. The Big Toddle is the UK’s biggest fundraising event for the under 5’s and is the second time the event has taken place in Tameside. Over 100 children took part in a short sponsored walk in Cheetham Park, Stalybridge dressed as their favourite nursery rhyme or fairytale character. The money raised for Barnado’s helps disadvantaged and vulnerable children under the age of five across the UK. Sponsor money is coming in thick [...]