Thickened nails, what’s the big deal?

You may well have thickened nails, and it could be a source of embarrassment, or perhaps even pain to you. It is quite a common condition that has several causes.


A fungal infection can cause toenails to thicken and to change colour. There are a number of treatment options for this common condition, including topical medication and oral medication.


Trauma can be a one off incident or repetitive trauma caused by ill-fitting footwear. Pressure can change the way a nail grows, and these changes can be permanent.


The risks associated with thickened nails are that they can create areas of high pressure underneath the nail If left unchecked this could eventually lead to ulceration, and in certain individuals such as diabetics this would be a major problem.


Reducing thickened nails is a painless procedure that can be carried our very safely by a podiatrist. It will usually be completed in one visit and leave the patient feeling much more comfortable. Long term solutions can be discussed in a consultation with a podiatrist

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