The importance of choosing the right shoe for Hiking

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You need to choose the right and proper shoes for going on a hike. By doing so you will protect your feet and can reduce the risk of injury.

Advice on choosing the right shoe for hiking

The chiropodists and podiatrists in Stalybridge often advise their patients on the right type of shoes for people to wear. Some of the footwear advise our chiropodists give is:

  • If your hike will cover hilly and uneven terrain, choosing shoes with good traction is important
  • The best place to start looking for hiking shoes is within a specialist hiking shoe shop. They often have very knowledgeable staff who can offer invaluable advice.
  • Specialist hiking shoe shops will stock shoes specifically made for hiking. However if you are new to hiking and are still wondering if hiking is for you then you may wish to start off wearing a  good quality pair of walking or running shoes.
  • Always choose shoes that will keep your feet dry if you encounter wet land, streams or puddles.
  • Choosing lightweight shoes is always a good place to start
  • Whatever type of hiking shoes you wear, make sure they fit well to prevent painful blisters and discomfort.
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