About Tony Gavin

Tony Gavin is an experienced podiatrist and founder of Davenport House Clinic. He has a particular interest in MSK conditions, orthotic therapy and nail surgery. He is the Clinical Director of Davenport House Clinic, a multidisciplinary private clinic in Manchester, which he founded with his wife Becky Gavin in 2008. Tony currently delivers postgraduate training courses for Physio First throughout the UK in biomechanics and orthotic therapy. He has always enjoyed producing and delivering courses to the highest standards. He has presented at GP education events, and been a visiting lecturer on undergraduate and postgraduate courses at The University of Huddersfield. Media appearances and contributions to magazines are commonplace for Tony. He has appeared numerous times on radio talking about foot health and has contributed to running magazines. Tony has travelled to Europe to deliver training in the use of foot orthotics for some manufacturers, and has facilitated in communicating technical specifications and clinical efficacy of devices to distributors. He can communicate at all levels, and has an ability to engage and educate an audience. While managing a very successful business and opening further sites, Tony has continued to practice as he is passionate about his profession and it is vital to him that he maintains this. Outside of work Tony is happiest enjoying time with his young family, though he can often be found running around his hometown with his dog leading the way. He enjoys lots of sports, and has an opinion on most, but some say he has a bit of bias when it comes to matters of football. Hailing from Liverpool and living in Manchester means he perhaps should be a little less vocal about the football.

How to be Healthy Without Trying

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How to be Healthy without trying It’s fair to say that healthy drives, faddy diets and fitness crazes are a recent development for humanity. Their recency also correlates with our obesity epidemic, and spiralling rates of diabetes throughout the modern world. Clearly something isn’t working. Modern life is alien to us as a species. We haven’t had the time required to adapt to the enormous changes we have made to our everyday environment and diets. Driving cars, less walking, sitting at desks, not lifting heavy things, eating processed food, the list is endless. Our strategies in the pursuit of health [...]

How Can I Cure My Heel Pain Fast? The Pain of Plantar Fasciitis.

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How Can I Cure My Heel Pain Fast? The Pain of Plantar Fasciitis. What is Plantar Fasciitis? Heel pain is a common problem that affects people at any stage of their life, but it is more common in our middle age. It can be very restricting, and last for extended periods of time for some people. The plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone, and it can become very painful at this site. The condition is more common in active people, runners, and those who stand on flat hard floors for extended periods of time.   Diagnosis Commonly heel pain [...]

School Shoes

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 School Shoe Shopping Its that time of year again when the shoe shops are filled with parents and kids getting uniforms and shoes in preparation for the new school year. “Do they feel too tight? Where’s your toe in them?” Parents doing their utmost to ensure they don’t pay for shoes which the child will claim hurt them inside 20 minutes of wearing them. Shoe shop assistants helping and measuring feet. The surprise at the till when 3 pairs come to pretty much what you paid for your first car. It can be a stressful time. What matters? Fit, support [...]


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Balance What do our feet do? Why are our feet such complex structures, so many bones, muscles and ligaments?  It all comes down to balance. Its a tough ask to get a structure the size and weight of a human to balance on something the size of feet, let alone move without falling over, just ask any engineer. It has taken years of the finest engineering minds and enormous corporate budgets to make clumsy robots that fall on rough ground.  Our feet are a wonder, in their ability to hold us up on pretty much any terrain, and allow us [...]

Cracked heels in summer?

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Cracked heels can make for a miserable summer for many, but why do they make an appearance in the summer months? The skin on the soles of our feet has a much harder job than anywhere else on our body. Skin has to allow perspiration, be waterproof, house nerve endings, protect deeper structures. The skin on our feet has to do this whilst taking our full body weight for thousands of steps each day. Skin needs to be supple so that it may stretch and deform according to the demands placed on it, and any changes in hydration of the [...]

Inspired to Run

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Inspired to Run Great sporting events leave a bit of their magic with many of us. I’m sure we can all remember a sporting event from our childhood that put a fire in our belly, if even for just a little while. The roads are currently littered with people on bikes, inspired by Le Tour coming to the UK. Are you inspired to run? This week, the Commonwealth Games will be dominating the sporting media, and lets hope it brings some inspiration with it. Being inspired to run might just change your life, running can offer enormous health [...]

Work Experience at Davenport House Clinic

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A week in the life of a work experience student…. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a 15 year old girl who lives in the neighbouring village. I go to school in the local area and I was given the opportunity to take work experience on the last week of the term before the summer holidays instead of normal lessons: we were given the option whether to take up the chance and a choice of where we would like to go. For years, I have had the ambition of becoming a physiotherapist, so given the chance I [...]

The Foot Inspector: Problem Big Toenails

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Problem Big Toenails Big toenails are probably the most common nail to suffer damage become thickened and unsightly. As podiatrists big toenail problems are one of the most common things that turn up in our clinics. Big toenails are more prone to many conditions because of the amount of force that runs through the big toe when we walk, run, or kick a football. If we drop something heavy in the kitchen or in the garden it usually seems to make its way to the big toe. Often, the big toe is the longest toe of the foot and as [...]

Cosmetic Foot Surgery – A new trend?

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We usually follow what happens across the pond in the USA, lets hope that the most recent trend of cosmetic foot surgery passes us by. There is an increase in the number of people going under the knife to make their feet look better. Injectable fillers, toe shortening and bone restructuring with the only aim being the pursuit of aesthetically pleasing feet. All surgeries carry a degree of risk, the risk of infection, delayed healing, and unexpected outcomes. It is difficult to see how one could justify these risks in a pain free foot where the only object is appearance. [...]

Flats may not be right for you

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Ladies often come into my treatment room sporting a flat pair of shoes, which is accompanied often with a look of pride “I always wear flats, I used to wear heels, but not anymore”. They then proceed to tell me about the troubles with their feet, which of course can’t be attributed to the flat shoes, or can they?   Flat shoes have their place, but can take quite some time to become accustomed to for someone who has worn a heel for a long period of time. A flat shoe will cause some feet to go into a position [...]