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£20 for 1 hour sports massage

New Sports Massage Service at Davenport House Clinic

Work hard and play hard? Sports massage is proven to be effective in the recovery from hard work and hard play. Using a hands on approach, there are a large number of benefits to having a sports massage. Increasing blood flow, aiding in drainage of toxins, mobilisation and stretching will leave you feeling all the better for it.

We are thrilled to announce that Sports Therapist Nick Cole has joined the team at Davenport House Clinic.

Massage is known to be one of the most effective treatment modalities for the release of muscle tension and restoring balance to the body. Regular sports massage can help to prevent sporting injuries caused by the build up of tension in the muscles and overuse of the muscles.

Sports massage has been developed specifically for sports performance and is a much deeper massage which will stimulate the muscles and nervous system.

Normally, a 30 minute sports massage is £30.00 and £40.00 per 1 hour session. We would like to offer a 1 hour first session for just £30.00.

To take advantage of this offer please contact the clinic on 0161 304 0117 and a member of our Reception team will schedule an appointment for you. Alternatively you can book online:

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