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Chiropodist Appointments

At Davenport House Clinic we are passionate about offering a first class chiropody service. Our chiropodists have built a reputation for friendly and professional service. The rooms our chiropodists use for chiropody treatments are simply stunning with your comfort in our mind. From the moment you arrive we will do all that we can to make your visit as pleasant as possible, and if you are a nervous patient please do let us know when you book. We completely understand what it is like for you.

There is a reason that over 90% of our patients come from recommendations, we hope that we can make you into a fan too.

Your appointment with our chiropodist

In your first visit, the chiropodist will take a history from you, as it is important they have a full understanding of your state of health and medical history. The chiropodist will also take note of what your current demands of your feet are.

The chiropodist will then assess your feet, noting vascular status, biomechanical type, and inspect your skin and nails. From here, they will be able to form a treatment plan for you, and deal with any problems in the session wherever possible.

Chiropodists are also known as Podiatrists. Our chiropodists are highly skilled at taking out corns, reducing ingrown toenails. The most common phrase we hear when a patient leaves our chiropodists are that they are “walking on air” when they leave their appointment.

You can be assured of a wonderfully friendly chiropodist who will listen to you and offer the best treatment options for you. All procedures will be explained, and if appropriate advice for any changes you can make will be given.

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