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Treatment for Fungal Nails

Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) is very common, particularly in the toenails. Around half of all nail problems are due to fungal nail infection. It usually affects adults, and affects more men than women. It also becomes more common as you get older.

Nail Fenestration treatment is a way of treating a fungal infection of the nails. You may have noticed that one or a number of your nails have become discoloured – the nail(s) can appear as white, yellow, or there may just be a change in the thickness and structure of the nail(s). This is a common presentation of a fungal infections. The fungus lives underneath the nail rather than within it therefore, the skin underneath the nail needs to be treated not just the nail itself.

During the appointment for Nail Fenestration treatment the Podiatrist will make small holes within the nail that track down to the nail bed. The Podiatrist may also need to reduce the thickness of the nail if the nail has become thicker than usual.

Once the holes have been drilled into the nail the Podiatrist will ask you to spray the nail everyday with Lamisil spray for a period of 6 weeks.

The nail will then be reviewed after the six-week period and in most cases the small holes will be drilled into the nail again. Following this appointment, the nail will be reviewed after a further 6 week period with the Lamisil continuing to be applied daily. By this point the nail should start to return to a normal colour.  The holes will gradually grow out as the nail grows.

The Nail Fenestration treatment is a package of appointments and includes the Lamisil spray. The fees are as follows:

Treatment price: £245.00