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Biomechanical Assessments:
Gait Analysis & Orthotics

A Biomechanical Assessment at Davenport House Clinic takes place in our ProGait studio and includes a video gait analysis and pressure plate studies in addition to the Podiatry Consultation. A Biomechanical Assessment involves a complex evaluation of the feet, legs and body position whilst weight bearing and non-weight bearing.

The information gained from a biomechanical assessment forms the basis for a rehabilitation programme, or if the problem is mechanical – an orthotic prescription.

In order to manufacture a pair of custom made orthotics it would is essential that we carry out a Biomechanical Assessment in order to look at your gait and biomechanics in close detail to ensure that your orthotics are the perfect fit.

The Podiatrist will take time to know your activities, your past injuries, and anything else that may be relevant to your injuries, sport, or concerns. They will ask you questions about your medical history, lifestyle, and any medical conditions in your family. This allows your Podiatrist to customize your assessment to your specific needs, and may well inform any diagnosis.

Your Podiatrist will physically examine your lower limbs with a particular focus on any current injuries. This physical examination will allow the Podiatrist to identify which structures in your anatomy are injured and to what extent they are injured. If necessary some equipment may be used in this assessment.

It is vital that before any gait analysis is carried out that your Podiatrist understands your anatomy and also the quality and range of motion available at each of your joints. This allows the Podiatrist to understand the mechanics of your movement and also what movement is possible for you.

Force plates will be used to measure the forces running through your feet as you walk/run/stand. This highly sophisticated equipment produces very clear graphical representations of the pressure at each part of the foot making it very easy for you to see where excessive forces are. The software also calculates where your centre of pressure is, maximum pressures, and other information such as how early your heel lifts in a step. Static analysis is also performed in this examination to give an indicator of core stability.

Using our orthopaedic treadmill, high shutter speed cameras, and industry leading software we will analyse the way you walk or run and allow you to see in the smallest detail all of the movements which could be leading to your injury. This information is visible on a 50” plasma screen and the Podiatrist will talk you through every aspect, and answer any of your questions as you go along.