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Clinical gait analysis studies the way that you walk or run, and is carried out by a healthcare professional with experience in analysing and treating gait problems! Gait analysis is commonly used for athletes, but it has a place for anyone who has symptoms or returning injuries when walking or running.


Gait analysis Manchester

Podiatric Gait Analysis Manchester:
Studying the way you walk or run!

Our analysis begins with a detailed history take. This will include your medical, surgical, occupational and social history so that your practitioner has a complete picture of your background. If you are an athlete the practitioner will need to know the content of your normal training programme.

A hands on assessment will follow to see what range, quality and direction of motion is available at all of the joints from the hip to the toes. There may be some special tests for flexibility, stability or some neurological tests depending upon your injury or history.

The gait analysis will be carried out in our gait lab, which is equipped with an orthopaedic treadmill for kinematic (video based) assessment used specialised motion analysis software. Force plates will be used to measure maximum forces and centre of pressure under each foot during walking. We use a very reliable force plate with a high level of resolution for measuring the movement and magnitude of force.

At this point the practitioner will explain all of the assessments to you and of their relevance to your injury. You will be shown your gait analysis recordings, and the details of movements and forces explained to you as you see them.

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A treatment plan will be agreed which may include a number of different modalities from exercise prescription, orthotics, taping, physiotherapy etc. The treatment plan will be unique to you, and you will be included in the formation of it.


  • Our podiatrists will always offer advice on footwear, and always want to see plenty of your well worn shoes and trainers, as they give lots of information with their wear patterns.
  •  It is important to us that you get as much as possible from your session. We will always explain things to the best of our ability, and work with you to achieve the best outcome.

  • We have treated hundreds of athlete’s and have a real understanding of the mindset of the athlete.